The placement of the new Civil War Trail Marker at the Unknown Soldier Monument Civil War site in Union City, more. The MRCT placed ten similar markers throughout the six counties within the Corridor in 2010.

Civil War Trail Marker

The MRCT is working with a local landscape architectural firm, Ritchie Smith & Associates, who are experienced in developing trails and low-impact boardwalks across the region, to plan and prioritize a system around the north basin of Reelfoot Lake. The trail will be on land managed by TWRA and USFWS. Both agencies are working as partners with the MRCT on the project, as are Lake and Obion Counties, and Reelfoot Lake State Park. The trail will offer a very unique experience to the visitor by actually placing them among the Cypress swamps, wetlands and edges of the lake. Due to high costs, we will phase in the trail over time.

A Land Conservation and Recreational Plan to highlight and connect the natural assets in Lauderdale County is in development.

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