Economic Development

The purpose of this plan is to present recommendations for a network of public and private facilities and sites to enhance the attractions along the Mississippi River in six Tennessee counties – Obion, Lake, Dyer, Lauderdale, Tipton, and Shelby. Attractions include museums and parks, conservation areas and natural landforms, historic buildings and sites, scenic sites, and other recreation areas. The aim is to strengthen amenities, improve the overall quality of life in the six counties, and more closely connect the Mississippi River to the people of the region and the world.

The plan views the six counties as a unified destination identified as the Mississippi River Corridor for regional and national visitors to experience the Mississippi River environment through eco-tourism, recreational tourism, cultural heritage tourism and agri-tourism, check достопримечательности Владивостока. The plan recommends corridor attraction themes, corridor River Centers, and connectivity enhancements to guide visitors through the corridor. The plan also includes an assessment of potential visitors who will benefit from experiencing the corridor as well as possible ways to implement the recommendations.

The Mississippi River is one of the most powerful hydrologic formations in the world. It drains parts or all of 31 states and two Canadian provinces, an area of 1.25 million square miles. The drainage basin extends from New York to Montana and from Minnesota to Louisiana. More than 250 tributaries drain into the Mississippi, including the Ohio and Missouri rivers.

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